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Hydrogen Sulphide – What You Need to Know

What is Hydrogen Sulphide?   Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a by-product of decomposition and industrial processes. It is found in natural gas, crude petroleum and volcanic gas. However, the industries most frequently exposed to H2S are Oil and Gas and wastewater treatment plants. The gas is produced by the breakdown of organic materials in the […]

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Have you ever thought of hiring a Gas Monitor?

Is this you? Need to use a gas monitor for a few days or weeks Don’t have the budget to buy a new gas monitor Don’t need the ongoing maintenance costs associated with owning your own gas monitor Not sure which gas monitor to buy Maybe you need to look into hiring a unit.   […]

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Risks of Ignoring Your Data

A Recently news story about an oil worker found collapsed over an open hatch, dead, highlights the risks of ignoring your data. After the tragedy it was shown that the data logged on this personal gas detector could have saved him.   Important data Missed Not too long before, while sampling from a similar hatch, […]

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