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Oxygen – Is it Really Your Friend?

Oxygen – Is it Really Your Friend? Oxygen (O2) is an important part of our atmosphere and is a necessity to sustain life on our planet. Most people understand that if oxygen levels are low it is very dangerous to our health, however did you know that if oxygen levels become too high, this can […]

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Risks of Ignoring Your Data

A Recently news story about an oil worker found collapsed over an open hatch, dead, highlights the risks of ignoring your data. After the tragedy it was shown that the data logged on this personal gas detector could have saved him.   Important data Missed Not too long before, while sampling from a similar hatch, […]

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The E5500 Industrial Flue Gas Combustion / Emissions Analyser

The E5500 Industrial Flue Gas Combustion and Emissions Analyser is a powerful and advanced portable gas analyser, designed for professional use with the latest features and technology. It allows for a complete analysis of flue gas, combustion processes and gas emissions for Boiler, Engine, Furnace, and other Combustion Applications. Gas Sensors: Up to 5 sensors […]

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