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OI-6000 Wireless Gas Sensor System for Drill Rigs

The OI-6000 sensor assembly is an innovative wireless gas detection system designed to monitor gas in hostile environments without the use of wires or conduit from the controller to the sensor.

The Gen II wireless model OI-6000 ambient air gas sensor assembly uses electro-chemical (EC), catalytic bead, PID, or infrared (IR) sensor elements.

The device comes standard with a 102 x 64 graphical LCD screen, our standard three-button interface, custom explosion-proof enclosure, and nonintrusive magnetic switches.

The OI-6000 sensor assembly’s key feature is nonintrusive calibration and configuration. With all adjustments made at the sensor assembly, one-man non-intrusive calibration is quick, easy and allows the sensor housing and enclosure to remain class I, div 1, group C and D certified while in the field.

Features such as auto-setting zero, relay/alarm test and battery voltage indication make this device a truly remarkable gas detection system.


  • Non-intrusive calibration
  • Glass lid for viewing amplifier display
  • Explosion and weather proof custom enclosure
  • Rain/splashguard for sensor protection

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