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OI-6900 Highly Sensitive Toxic Gas Sensor for Drill Rigs

The Gen II wire free OI-6900 ambient air gas sensor assembly is a wireless gas sensor assembly that uses an electrochemical sensor element to detect a variety of gases. The device comes standard with a 102 x 64 graphical LCD screen, standard three-button interface, custom explosion proof enclosure, non-intrusive magnetic switches, and radio (900MHz or 2.4GHz).

The OI-6900 is designed to be self-contained and to last from 6-12 months on a single battery (time varies depending of amount of gas detected). The device has been designed to reject EMI and other forms of interference in order to avoid false gas readings. The OI-6900’s key feature is non-intrusive calibration and configuration. With all adjustments made at the sensor assembly, one-man non-intrusive calibration is quick, easy, and allows the sensor housing and enclosure to remain Class I, Division 1, Group C and D certified while in the field. Non-intrusive calibration is made possible by using a distributed magnet to activate the MENU, ADD, and SUB buttons.

The device is self-contained and battery operated. The sensor functions by transmission of radio wave messages to the controller every minute when there is no gas present, and every five seconds when gas is present (and above the background gas level setting). The device is field adjustable for background gas, and addressable to eliminate interference with other systems. Since each system’s address is field adjustable, any OI-6900 sensor may be used as a replacement. Features such as auto-setting zero, relay / alarm tests and battery voltage indication make this device a truly remarkable gas detection system.


• Non-intrusive calibration

• Glass lid for viewing amplifier display

• Explosion and weather proof custom enclosure

• Rapid response and clearing time

• Rain/splashguard for sensor protection

Sensors available for:

• Chlorine

• Carbon Monoxide

• Fluorine

• Hydrogen

• Hydrogen Sulphide

• Hydrogen Chloride

• Hydrogen Cyanide

• Hydrogen Fluoride

• Ammonia

• Oxygen

• Sulphur Dioxide

• Methyl Mercaptan

• Nitrogen Dioxide

• Ozone

• Hydrocarbons

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