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T99-CO2D Free Standing Carbon Dioxide Sensor for HVAC

The T99-CO2D Carbon Dioxide sensor is designed to be installed in HVAC applications. The CO2 sensing element uses non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) with the patented self-calibration system to guarantee long-term stability and up to 15 years lifetime.  The one or three analogue outputs are selectable by jumpers, and a Modbus RS485 communication interface is also available.


  • Real time detection of carbon dioxide in air ducts
  • NDIR infrared CO2 sensor inside with self-calibration and up to 15 years lifetime
  • Smart sensor probe with extendable probe for easy insertion into any air duct
  • Simple and smart design and installation of sensor probe with a waterproof and porous film
  • Up to 3 analogue linear outputs for measurements
  • Optional Modbus RS485 interface
  • CE-approval


  • Building management for office and residential areas
  • Ventilation control systems

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