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AQ Comfort – %RH / Temp. / CO / CO2

The AQ Comfort is an innovative and economical tool for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (IAQ) in homes, schools, offices and much more. The AQ Comfort is available in a variety of configurations, allowing the user to purchase only the parameters of interest in their application.

Focused on enabling HVAC professionals and OHS personnel to easily monitor the key parameters for “comfort” (CO2, temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb and dew point, it also allows optional monitoring of CO (carbon monoxide) for safety.

The AQ Comfort is supplied as standard with a CO2 sensor and differential pressure, and can optionally be supplied with carbon monoxide (CO), relative humidity, temperature, for in depth measurement of air quality. The high end kits have bluetooth connectivity and software for downloading of data for producing graphs, and reports.

If you need affordability and flexibility in one easy to use handheld unit which is compact, yet powerful, then the AQ Comfort is the meter you have been waiting for. An easy to read LCD display with a simple and intuitive menu system makes AQ Comfort simple as well as comprehensive.

A rechargeable Li-Ion battery makes it easy to have AQ Comfort charged and ready to go, and a multitude of options mean that AQ Comfort can be customised to suit each user. A built in active internal sampling pump draws in air for sampling, meaning that the AQ Comfort can react quickly to changes in the air.


  • Real-time continuous data logging
  • Active internal sampling pump
  • Optional handheld probe
  • Compact handheld unit
  • Protective magnetic rubber boot
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • 2000 test internal memory
  • PC software
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • AQ gas software for real-time data logging, graphing and IAQ reporting

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