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GX-8000 Series Portable (LEL & O2) Single Gas Monitors

There are two different models in the series, the GX-8000 portable (LEL & O2) single gas monitors detects the oxygen in the air or LEL which detects dangerous combustible gases like methane, isobutane and hydrogen.

The large, LCD display, shows a digital value of the component gas concentrations up to 5 by simultaneous display, and performs more reliability to confirm the concentration. In loud environments the high brightness LED lamps arranged in three directions alarms, the workers in a visible way.

The GX-8000 portable (LEL & O2) single gas monitors features a waterproof and dustproof design with IP 67 rating for which the over-mould body is impact resistant and RFI shielded. Consequently, the GX-8000 portable (LEL & O2) single gas monitors offer full protection while minimising large fleets because of it’s functionality.

Shipping Four Gas Monitor


  • ATEX Exia II CT4 approved
  • Water and dust resistant IP-67
  • Loud alarm button with 95dB
  • Strong sample drawing capability (0.75L/min)
  • Digital display & digital bargraph
  • 3 bright LED alarm windows
  • Datalogging standard
  • Ergonomic design with waist strap for hands free operation (option)
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (option)


  • Confined space
  • Refineries / petrochemical / chemical plants
  • Oil tanker / gas carrier / bulk carrier
  • Chemical tanker
  • Water / wastewater treatment
  • Fire services
  • Telecommunication services
  • Power plant
  • Gas plant / gas supplier services
  • Utilities

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