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SELMA System

When attached to a vehicle, Selma is designed to detect methane gas leaks while still keeping up with traffic.  Utilising infrared detection the unit is able to detect small gas leaks rising from main pipes located under the road surface.

The Selma System is a diagnostic tool for the detection of gas leakages in urban areas. The system detects gas leaks by simply driving down the street past the inspection area, even when maintaining a normal driving speed.

With two independent laser detectors, the Selma detects leaks in front and at the side of the driving path.

The Selma System is highly sensitive and utilises a simple operation process and data assessment. It is also suitable for most vehicles.


  • Roof laser for sideway leak inspection
  • Bumper laser for driveway leak inspection
  • Video camera and GPS registration comes as standard with the SELMA system


  • Inspection of high and low pressure gas distribution networks
  • Detects very small leakages
  • Based on a pulsed IR laser system
  • Detects leakages by utilising two independent laser detection systems


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