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FI-21 Fumigation / Anaesthetic Gas Monitor

The FI-21 fumigation / anaesthetic gas monitor is a precision gas analyser which is adapted to measure the % volume concentration of any of the commonly used gas in a mixture of air or oxygen for solvents, fumigation, gas purity and anaesthetic gas.  The FI-21 fumigation / anaesthetic gas monitor is often upgraded to include any new concentrations which may be introduced in specialist fields.  Sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2) for example is now included as standard in the fumigation unit.

The Riken FI-21 fumigation / anaesthetic gas monitor measures the anaesthetic agent vaporizer output concentration using its digital display requiring no correction factors. It measures the concentration in percentage format for desflurane (suprane), sevoflurane, isoflurane (forane) and halothane. The unit is battery operated and allows the user to select the carrier gas (O2 or Air). The FI-21 fumigation / anaesthetic gas monitor unit uses an internal pump for sampling.


  • Capable of measuring up to 8 kinds of gases
  • Gas can be selected with key operation
  • Direct digital readout
  • Built-in sampling pump
  • High accurate measurement with CCD and Fourier analysis technology
  • Data logging stores up to 100 readings
  • Few consumable parts saving on maintenance cost


  • Measurement of gas concentrations for solvent gases, fumigation gases, etc.
  • Measurement of gas purity
  • Measurement of fuel calories
  • Measurement of anaesthetic gases


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