About Us

About us – Control Equipment Pty Ltd has been supplying and servicing gas detection instrumentation since 1977 and has a large customer base throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our focus has always been, and remains to be, gas detection.

We are the exclusive agent for Riken Keiki Co., Ltd., RKI Instruments, Otis Instruments Inc, and Pergam-Italia S.R.L. and an authorised agent for Casella and Testo in Australia, with Riken Keiki is the inventor of the modern gas detector used in today’s market.

Our vision is to provide our clients with highly professional and efficient services, that are the most cost-effective solution for the specified requirements. We drive our leadership with a total commitment to providing effective long-term solutions for our customers

We are proud of our reputation earned over a long period of association with our customers. This reputation is the continuing guarantee of the highest standard of service to our customers under the uncompromising banner of QUALITY. Quality Instrumentation, Quality Service and Quality Support.

Our sales and service engineers assess the requirements of the individual customer before a solution is offered. In the interest of both customer satisfaction and occupational health and safety, we believe that there is only ever one solution for each application – the correct solution. As a result, we have a reputation of going to extraordinary lengths to ensure the instrumentation offered will fulfil all requirements of the specific application.

For more information about us, view our capability statement.