Air Sampling Accessories

Inhalable Sampler

All the sampling heads are designed for use with a controlled rate of air provided via a personal air sampling pump. Sampling media (filters) are placed inside the heads directly or using cassettes. The filter will be weighed before sampling and then again afterwards to gravimetrically determine the amount of dust collected. Inhalable sample heads collect a particle size of 100 micron and smaller.

Plastic Cyclone

Respirable fraction sampling heads are specifically designed to separate out the smaller dust fractions which travel further into the human airways and are generally more harmful. The collection efficiency curve meets the ACGIH/ISO/CEN standards for a respirable curve with a median 50% cut point of 4micron. The cyclones work by physical separation of particles, whilst the conical inhalable head operates by utilising size selective foams which can also give other PM fractions of particulates.

Cassette Blanks

Sampling cassettes are a convenient way of taking air samples as the filter media are protected and the cassette also doubles up as a transportation device when the sample is sent to the laboratory.

Charcoal Sorbent Tubes

This is the standard sorbent tube generally used for organic vapours. They are suitable for most aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols but please check your standardised method.

Silica Gel Sorbent Tubes

This is another commonly used sorbent tube and is suitable for polar hydrocarbons, methanol, amines, inorganic acids and low molecular weight mercaptans (thiols). Some of the tubes in the range are pre-treated (e.g. with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine) for sampling of specific chemical hazards.

Pre-Loaded Asbestos Cassettes

These Pre-Loaded Asbestos Cassettes are available with a choice of filters and pore size.


We have a mixture of filters including – Glass Fibre Filters (GFA), Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE), Poly Vinyl Chloride, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Polycarbonate, Quartz, and Silver.

Low Flow Adaptor Assembly (includes tube holder, CPC, and tubing)

A low flow adaptor enables a high flow sampling pump to operate at the lower flow rates required by some standardised methods (2-200ml per min).

Tedlar Bags

These are grab sampling bags for sampling gases and vapours. Made from chemically inert Tedlar, they are re-usable if purged with nitrogen and have either stainless steel or polypropylene fittings.


  • Asbestos
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Mining
  • Indoor air quality
  • Construction sites
  • Personal compliance monitoring
  • Site dust levels

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