Air Sampling Pumps

Apex2 Personal Sampling Pump

Personal Sampling Pump

The APEX2 Personal Sampling Pump is the new generation of dust monitors and pumps. With its new slim ergonomic design the APEX2 offers class beating performance.

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Medium Flow Personal Air Sampling Pump - VAPex

Personal Low Flow Sampling Pump

The VAPex range has been designed particularly for low flow sampling of vapours and gases in working environments. Its Intrinsically Safe design and remote operation via the Airwave App makes it ideal for modern-day sampling requirements.

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High Flow Air Sampling Pump

High-Flow Sampling Pump

The Vortex3 is ideal for area sampling for airborne contaminants including Asbestos and other hazardous materials.

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Flow Detective Personal Sampling Pump Calibrator

The Flow Detective™ is an easy to use all-in-one airflow calibrator that is suitable for all types of air sampling pumps and other applications for flows up to 5L/min.

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Microdust Pro – Real Time Dust Monitor

Real-Time Dust Monitor

The Microdust Pro is a real-time hand-held, data logging instrument for the detection of airborne dusts, fumes and aerosols. It is ideal for walk-through surveys and for checking the effectiveness of control measures.

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Guardian2 Environmental Boundary Monitoring

Multi-Agent Monitoring Station

The Guardian2 Site Boundary Monitor is designed to help you remain compliant with site emission levels, using remote monitoring and reporting of noise, dust and vibration levels.

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Dust Detective dust monitoring

Area and Boundary Nuisance Dust Monitor

For site operators and managers who need to monitor the dust levels within their site, inside or outside, or at the boundary, the Casella Dust Detective is the ideal tool for survey measurements.

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