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Fumigation Mate Front

Four Gas 3 Channel Fumigant

The Fumigation Mate is a four gas 3 channel fumigant monitoring instrument with a powerful, user friendly integrated fumigation job management system providing secure measurement, collection, processing and reporting of all required fumigation data.

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Fumigation Gas Analyser with IECEx / ATEX / IP-67

The FI‐8000 is a precision gas analyser which is adapted to measure the % volume concentration of any of the commonly used gas in a mixture of air for fumigation gas.

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04 Series SC-04 PH3 – Phosphine Single Gas Detector

The 04 Series single gas monitor is designed to operate for many years. The 04 models have 2 preset alarms that are user adjustable.

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One to Six Gas Personal Monitor

Handheld Six Gas Personal Detector with Smart Sensors

The GX-6000 – the long awaited 6 gas personal monitor is finally here. This instrument is the lightest and smallest 6 gas monitor created, weighing in at only 600 grams with the rubber boot and all. Check out the brochure today and give one of our sales technicians a call to find out more!

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