The world’s smallest lightest personal gas monitor

Light weight
Personal Gas Monitor
Multiple Gas detector


The lightest and smallest Personal Gas Monitor on the market.  

The lightest and smallest personal gas monitor on the market. This four-gas or five-gas monitor simultaneously detects LEL, O2, H2S & CO . 3 visual alarm LED’s. Vibration alarm. Rugged IP-68 Waterproof, dust and drop-proof design.

Optional Health and Safety defines the breathing zone as a 25cm radius around the worker’s nose and mouth and requires that worker exposure air samples collected in the breathing zone. Air sampling filters may be attached to the collar or lapel. Traditionally this means only a single gas monitor would be small enough for a worker to wear ‘In the breathing zone practically’. Now there is a four gas monitor smaller than many single gas monitors.

The GX-3R represents the latest evolution of gas detection technology utilising a new generation of microsensors. The LEL sensor has a unique design, with two active filaments in one sensor to increase its resistance to silicone poisoning. If one filament gets poisoned, the second filament takes over. The new O2 sensor is electrochemical with a 5-year life span. H2S and CO are now available in a combo microsensor.

Safety supervisors will appreciate the non-compliance indicator on the smallest personal gas monitor. The instrument flashes it’s 3 LED lights every 30 seconds, if the device has been exposed to a gas or has not been bump tested or calibration is due. The 3 LED lights will continue to flash once every 30 seconds until the non-compliance condition has been resolved.