The OHC-800 is an all in one explosion-proof gas calorimeter which features high accuracy, continuous measurement and high-speed response.

“Opt-Sonic calculation” is applied by using Optical sensor and Sonic sensor.
“Opt-Sonic calculation” is based on the calculation combining 2 measuring results obtained by the 2 sensors. This can minimise the interference effects on the reading caused by interference gases, and enable the high-accuracy and reliable measurement.

* Opt-Sonic is a term coined by RIKEN KEIKI to describe Optical and Sonic sensors

Easy to switch the display among “Calorific value”, “Density” and “WOBBE index”
Displayed unit is easily switched by pressing the button. Laborious calculation is not needed.

Fulfilling self-diagnosis function and running cost.
Self-diagnosis function including fault diagnostic prevents the calorimeter from being incapable of measuring the gas. Few consumables are needed and this saves running cost.

Body structure that can be installed into all types of location.
Structure is robust with Explosion-Proof (Exd IIB+H2 T4) and high ingress protection level (IP66 / IP67) Both 100VAC~240VAC and 24VDC power supply can be supplied.


  • Unique measuring principle ”Opt-Sonic calculation” is applied
  • This can minimise the interference effects caused by interference gases, and a high-accuracy measuring result can be obtained
  • Fast response time T90 reaction within 5 seconds
  • High repeatability +/- 0.02MJ/m3
  • Wide operation temperature -20 ~ +57 degree C
  • Explosion-Proof structure even for Hydrogen Exd IIB
  • High ingress protection level IP66 / IP67
  • Remarkable temperature characteristic
  • Below 0.10MJ/m3 fluctuation for the temperature change in a day (< 20 degree C)
  • Easy to switch the display among “Calorific value”, “Density” and “WOBBE index” just by the button operation

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  • Electric Power Energy
  • Gas Energy
  • Gas Engine for Ship
  • Biogas
  • Iron Steel
  • Refinery

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