The E5500 Industrial Flue Gas Combustion and Emissions Analyser is a powerful and advanced portable gas analyser, designed for professional use with the latest features and technology. It allows for a complete analysis of flue gas, combustion processes and gas emissions for Boiler, Engine, Furnace, and other Combustion Applications.e5500_clear


  • Real-Time Continuous Data-Logging
  • Up to Five Gas Sensors
  • NO & NO2 for true total NOx Measurement
  • Low NOx Capable with 0.1ppm Resolution
  • Dilution Pump for CO Auto-Range Measurement up to 20,000 ppm
  • 2 Channel Thermometer (Stack Gas & Air Temperature)
  • Draft & Differential Pressure Manometer
  • Gas Velocity Measurements with Pitot Tube
  • External Condensation Trap
  • Light Weight, Durable & Easy to Transport Design
  • Rotating LCD Display with Zoom Function
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Computer &Printer
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Long-Term Monitoring & Data Logging with 1000 Test Internal Memory
  • PC Software for Real-Time Data Logging,Graphing and Reporting

Gas Sensors: Up to 5 sensors can be used with the E5500, which are electrochemical sensors and can include a low level NOx sensors with a resolution of 0.1 ppm.
Temperature Measurements: Flue gas and air temperature, as well as the differential temperature are standard features. The differential temperature is used as part of the efficiency calculation.
Draft, Pressure, & Velocity: An internal pressure sensor allows the analyser to measure pressure and stack draft. With two pressure inputs, a differential pressure can also be measured. Gas velocity can be measured using the differential pressure and an optional Pitot tube.
Rotating Display with Zoom: The LCD display screen has a back light and can be rotated for greater ease and convenience. The parameters displayed can be zoomed in to view from a distance or zoomed out to display more parameters at once on the display screen
Calibration: The analyser comes standard with a complete factory calibration. The analyser can easily be recalibrated with span gas cylinders. Recalibration is recommended at least once each year to ensure analyser accuracy.
Real time software: The E5500 comes with the latest EGAS software package which allows the user to save and graph data in real time in the field with a laptop computer, or on a PC in the office or laboratory. The E5500 also has Bluetooth as well as through a USB interface and cable. A Bluetooth module for a computer is supplied as standard with every E5500. Data from the EGAS software program can be exported to other spreadsheet

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