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Stand Alone

EC-600 Stand Alone Carbon Monoxide Gas Monitor

Stand Alone Carbon Monoxide Sensor

The model EC-600 is an indoor, standalone monitor that detects Carbon Monoxide (CO). Its’s Sleek, low-profile design is equipped with a unique tri-colour display. The EC-600 uses a fast responding low-cost plug-in style electrochemical sensor.

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OX-600 Stand Alone Oxygen Monitor

Stand Alone Oxygen Sensor

The model OX-600 is an indoor, standalone monitor that detects Oxygen (O2). Its’s Sleek, low-profile design is equipped with a unique tri-colour display. The OX-600 uses a galvanic cell sensor.

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RI-600 Stand Alone Carbon Dioxide Gas Monitor

Stand Alone Carbon Dioxide Sensor

The model RI-600 is an indoor, standalone monitor that detects Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Its’s Sleek, low-profile design is equipped with a unique tri-colour display. The RI-600 uses a “Non-Dispersive Infrared Ray” (NDIR) sensor.

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GD-70D Toxic Smart Sensor

Stand Alone Toxic Smart Sensor

The new model GD-70D smart gas detection transmitter series sets a new standard for performance, flexibility, and versatility. The long life high capacity pump and wide variety of sensing elements are replaceable in a few seconds, with no tools required.

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Digester Gas Monitor

Digester Gas Monitor

Gas from waste digesters contains high levels of methane, CO2, and H2S, and little to no oxygen present. The Control Equipment Digester Gas Monitor checks for all these gases on a cyclic basis, pulling samples from up to 30 meters away.

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M2A Stand Alone Transmitter

Stand Alone Transmitter

The M2A™ is a state-of-the-art transmitter that can operate as an independent, stand-alone monitor or as part of an integrated system. It utilises a magnetic wand technique for performing non-intrusive calibration.

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SD-1 Smart Transmitter Detector

Smart Transmitter Detector

Our SD-1 line of smart transmitters feature state-of-the-art gas detectors with durable flameproof enclosure, maximum safety, especially in hydrogen/ acethylene atmospheres.

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SPC-X3 Oxygen and Toxic Gas Stand Alone Monitor

Oxygen & Toxic Gas Standalone Monitor

Gas measuring, monitoring and warning controller based on state-of-the-art micro-technology with integrated sensor and internal buzzer for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air and detecting toxic gases and vapours or oxygen. The SPC-X3 is provided with an input for one external analog transmitter. Four alarm thresholds per sensor/transmitter are free programmable. Configuration and operation are possible via the logical, simple system menu structure without specific programming knowledge.

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PS2 Stand Alone LEL Monitor

Stand Alone LEL Monitor

A perfect low cost solution for hydrogen detection in battery rooms, or for LEL level detection of a variety of flammable or solvent vapours in general industry. The model PS 2 is a multipurpose gas monitor utilising a MOS (metal oxide sensor) for long lasting and low maintenance detection of LEL levels of many gases or vapours. The PS 2 has two alarm levels for increasing gas or vapour levels. Inquire at the factory for your specific requirement.

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S2 Series Diffusion Sensor/Transmitter

S2 Series Diffusion Sensor/Transmitter

The S2 Series gas sensor/transmitters are highly reliable and very cost effective for the detection of common gas hazards. The S2 Series are available for LEL, H2 specific (LEL, and ppm), Oxygen, H2S, CO and for a variety of toxic gases.

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