Fixed Sensors

Oxygen Sensor

Ideally suited for laboratory environments, the oxygen sensor has been designed to be used in conjunction with a beacon controller.  Matched with a siren and strobe the O2 system can be used as a stand alone system or BMS System.

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor for Small to Medium Car Parks

Control Equipment now offers a very cost effective solution for carbon monoxide exhaust emission monitoring and exhaust fan control for enclosed carparks and similar applications.

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor for Large Car Parks

This carbon monoxide transmitter is designed purely for the car park market and as such is a highly reliable and very cost effective 4-20 mA transmitter for the detection of carbon monoxide gases. The large electrochemical cell are designed for long life and typically last 3 – 5 years.

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T99-CO2W Transmitter Wall Mounted Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Wall Mounted Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Ventilation control by CO2 is a viable and energy efficient way of controlling ventilation to target cfm / person levels based on actual occupancy.  The measurable rather than traditional approach of providing fixed ventilation is based on maximum occupancy.

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T99-CO2D Free Standing Carbon Dioxide Sensor for HVAC

Duct Mounted Carbon Dioxide Sensor

The DUCT Mounted carbon dioxide sensor is designed to be installed in HVAC applications, where the CO2 sensing element uses non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) with up to  15 years lifetime.

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Refrigerant Sensor

The SMART3-R (with LED indication) gas detectors are ideal for non-classified areas. They employ high quality catalytic, MOS sensors, electrochemical cells or infrared sensors, that grant an excellent linearity and accuracy, besides an estimated lifetime of four years for detectors with infrared or pellistors sensors and two years for electrochemical cell sensors.

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toxic gas detection transmitter

Toxic Diffusion Sensor/Transmitter

The GD-K88Ai is a diffusion style toxic gas detection transmitter ideally suited to meet a variety of toxic gas detection needs. You can choose from a wide range of electrochemical toxic gas sensors to install in this model. The GD-K88Ai includes easy to read LCD display and push button controls for calibration. The low profile design is only 1.9 inches thick and is easy to install. The hinged housing makes it easy to maintain. This transmitter can be installed with any Control Equipment controller, or integrated to existing PLC or DCS system via 4-20mA output (24VDC two-wire, loop powered).

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ADT53-1185 Formaldehyde CH2O Transmitter

Formaldehyde CH20 Transmitter

CH2O transmitter including digital measurement value processing and temperature compensation for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect formaldehyde concentrations. Integrated in the transmitter there is a comfortable calibration routine with selective access release. The ADT-53 possesses a standard analog output (0) 4- 20 mA or (0) 2– 10 V DC, and an RS-485 interface. 2 relays with adjustable switching thresholds are available as an option.

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RI-215 Highly Accurate Infrared CO2 Gas Sensor

Infrared CO2 Gas Sensor

The RI-215 series of infrared CO2 gas monitors are widely used in the measurement and control of CO2 levels in a variety of applications where CO2 monitoring or detection is required. A highly accurate, non-dispersive infrared absorption sensor is used to provide direct measurements through diffusion or sample draw monitors, and activate alarms or control ventilation systems based on preset CO2 levels.

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Combustible Gas Sensor

The KR61-0203-02RKTR Sensor configuration consist of a 3-wire sensor, amplifier and enclosure with terminal strips. The combustible gas sensor type KR61-0203-02RKTR, for diffusion sensing, is highly reliable and designed to give extended service.

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Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor

This highly reliable, cost effective hydrogen sulphide sensor, amplifier and enclosure is designed to fit into any current controller or BMS system.  Used mainly in the sewerage treatment industry the H2S sensor has proven itself as a robust unit.

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Optical Interferometric Gas Analyser

The FI-900 is equipped with Long-term Stability Optical Interferometric Sensor Ideal for Controlling Gas Concentrations in Manufacturing Processes. Uses an optical interferometric sensor with high reliability and backed with an 80-year track record.

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OI-6000 Explosion Proof Ambient Air Combustible Gas Detector

Explosion Proof Wire Powered Sensor Assembly

The OI-6000 sensor assembly is a versatile assembly that uses an electrochemical, infrared, catalytic bead, or PID sensor element to detect a variety of gases.

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OI-6900 Explosion Proof Dual Battery Powered WireFree Sensor Assembly

Toxic Gas Sensor for Drill Rigs

The gen II wire free OI-6900 ambient air gas sensor assembly is a wireless gas sensor assembly that uses an electrochemical sensor element to detect a variety of gases.

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Gas Monitor for Inside Furnace

Model GD-A2400 & SD-2500/2600/2700 are direct insert and diffusion sampling detectors. They have long sensor nose {250mm), and the nose can be installed in high temperature. These models are the perfect detectors for monitoring combustible gases inside furnace and duct.

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Our SD-D58 line of smart transmitters feature state-of-the-art gas detectors with durable flameproof enclosure, best operability and maximum safety, especially in hydrogen/acethylene atmospheres.

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S2 Series Diffusion Sensor/Transmitter

The S2 Series gas sensor/transmitters are highly reliable and very cost effective for the detection of common gas hazards. The S2 Series are available for LEL, H2 specific (LEL, and ppm), Oxygen, H2S, CO and for a variety of toxic gases.

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