ADT43 20XX Refrigerant Gas Semi-Conductor Sensor

Refrigerant gas transmitter with semi-conductor sensor for monitoring HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbon). The semi-conductor typical, non-linear signal is translated into a linear, temperature-compensated output signal. A comfortable calibration routine with selective access release is integrated in the transmitter. The ADT-43 possesses a standard analog output (0) 4- 20 mA or (0) 2– 10 V DC, and an RS-485 interface. 2 relays with adjustable switching thresholds are available as an option.

For leak detection in cooling systems with refrigerant gases as cooling agents (HCFC and HFC), such as cold-storage depots, ventilation systems, breweries, ice rinks etc. to assure the compliance with the requirements according to EN 378-3. Due to the standard output signal and the RS-485 interface, the refrigerant gas transmitter is compatible to the PolyGard gas controller series by MSR-E as well as to any other electronic control or automation system.