KR61-0203-02RKTR Highly Accurate Combustible Gas Sensor Kit

The KR61-0203-02RKTR sensor configuration consist of a 3-wire sensor, amplifier and enclosure with terminal strips. The combustible gas sensor type KR61-0203-02RKTR, for diffusion sensing, is a highly reliable catalytic style sensor which is designed to give extended service even under extreme conditions. The combination palladium/platinum catalyst resists destruction by combustible gas levels above 100% LEL, lead and sulphur compounds.

The sensor is enclosed in a 316 stainless steel shell and 316 sintered stainless steel flame arrestor, which is teflon coated. The stainless steel ensures high corrosion resistance, and the teflon covering on the flame arrestor resists the accumulation of dirt and dust .However, it should be realised that the sensor elements themselves are susceptible to breakage by shock and therefore the sensor should not be roughly handled prior to its installation. The enclosure is SAA approved and is rated Class I, IP 66, Zones 1 and 2. This combination makes the KR61-0203-02RKTR a robust product which can be used in various applications.

The amplifier board has a 24 VDC input and a 4-20mA output, which enables easy connection to any PLC, Scada or BMS system. It can be directly mounted onto the Beacon 200 or Beacon 800 Controller. The Beacon can be directly wired to a variety of devices like alarm horns, buzzers, or lights. With 10 amp rated relays, it eliminates the need for costly external relays from the controller to devices.