R99-CMD Carbon Monoxide Sensor for Small to Medium Car Parks

Control Equipment now offers a very cost effective solution for carbon monoxide exhaust emission monitoring and exhaust fan control for enclosed carparks and similar applications. Our CO2 sensor for small to medium car parks connects to controllers or existing building management systems (BMS) which have visual and audible alarms to alert relevant individuals. Two built-in relays inside the sensor can be used to control a ventilation fan and an HVAC control alarm to notify maintenance staff off-site of high CO2 levels. This small monitor has a long life sensor and does not attract attention.

Installing carbon monoxide sensors in accordance with AS1668.2-2002 (the use of ventilation and air conditioning in buildings, part 2: ventilation design for indoor air contaminant control) allows the exhaust fans to be run only when contamination gases are present. The result is significant cost savings due to reduced power consumption.

The Control Equipment sensors can be integrated into existing building management systems (BMS) or directly into one of our range of controllers, with time delay and relay outputs. A site specific PLC can also be designed and built to meet your requirements.