RX-515 Portable CH4/O2/CO/CO2 Infrared Monitor for LNG

Designed with LNG and crude oil tankers in mind, the RX-515 portable CH4/O2/CO/CO2 infrared monitor for LNG sample draw instruments are able to detect both dual and unique combinations of gas found on these vessels.  This device is intrinsically safe. This instrument is even able to detect gas levels in N2 and inert environments. The RX-515 portable CH4 / O2 / CO / CO2 infrared monitor for LNG, designed by Riken Keiki Co., has an explosion proof and intrinsically safe design so that it can be used safely in any environment.


  • Dual range detection of CH4 or HC in %vol and %LEL.
  • Unique gas combinations include: CH4 / O2 / CO /CO2 /HC /O2 / H2S
  • Accurately measure CH4 or HC from inerted tanks with infrared sensor.
  • High range H2S 0-1,000ppm available (RX-517).
  • Intrinsically safe design.
  • Data logging (Max 30 hours of interval trend).


  • LNG carrier storage vessel gas monitoring

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