RX-517 Portable HC / O2 / H2S Infrared Gas Detector for LNG

Designed with LNG and crude oil tankers in mind, the RX-517 portable HC / O2 / H2S infrared gas detector for LNG is able to detect both dual and unique combinations of gas. The crude oil tanker model is a combination type portable HC, O2, and H2S gas detector with an infrared (NDIR) type sensor, galvanic cell type sensor and electro-chemical cell type sensor. These sensors provide accurate detection of HC, O2 and H2S levels even in N2 and other inert environments.

The measuring ranges of model RX-517 portable HC / O2 / H2S infrared gas detector for LNG is 0-25% vol for O2 and 0-100.0ppm for H2S respectively. A higher range for H2S (0-1,000ppm) is available in model RX-517. A manual switch is used to change the flow to a unique path for high H2S applications to protect the other sensors. The RX-517 Portable HC / O2 / H2S infrared gas detector for LNG model has an explosion proof and intrinsically safe design so that it can be used safely in any environment.


  • Dual range detection of CH4 or HC in %vol and %LEL
  • Unique gas combinations include: CH4 / O2 / CO / CO2 / HC / O2 / H2S
  • Accurately measure CH4 or HC from inerted tanks with infrared sensor
  • High range H2S 0-1,000ppm available (RX-517)
  • Intrinsically safe design
  • Data logging (Max 30 hours of interval trend)


  • Crude oil tanker storage tank gas monitoring

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