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Laser Methane Copter

The new Laser Methane Copter (LMC), is capable of remotely detecting methane by attaching The Laser Methane Copter to your drone. It can quickly detect gas leaks or accumulated gas from a remote place by guiding the laser beam at the target up to 50m high. New drone technology allows you to utilise GPS mapping to program the drone to patrol an area.


  • Remote measurement and detection, up to 100 meters (using a reflect sheet)
  • Drone Required for use (Drone not provided)
  • ATEX approved for industrial use and now includes mining applications
  • Remote detection of methane
  • Coordinates and gas concentrations are saved on a SD Card, 10 measurements per second.


  • Leak detection
  • Emission monitoring
  • Gas line surveys
  • Tank inspections
  • Inspections of pipes under bridges
  • Landfill emission monitoring
  • Gas well testing
  • Plant safety audits

Flexible and Convenient:

  • Easy to install through built-in GPS, data storage and own battery
  • Long battery life – allowing 6 hours of continuous operation from one battery
  • Self-check and self-calibration at start-up, saves time and ensures consistent high performance and reliability

Accuracy and Reliability:

  • Responds specifically to methane
  • Exceptional accuracy – detects even very low levels of methane
  • Fast response time, typically 0.1 seconds

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