Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) – Portable Instruments

04 Series SC-04 HCN – Hydrogen Cyanide Single Gas Detector

The 04 Series single gas monitor is designed to operate for many years. The 04 models have 2 preset alarms that are user adjustable.

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One to Five Gas Personal Monitor

The GX-3R Pro is the worlds smallest 5 gas monitor weighting only 129 grams and fits in the palm on your hand (73 W x 65 H x 26 D mm). It simultaneously monitors and displays up to 5 different gases.

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SP-220 Portable Fumigation Gas Leak Checker

Fumigation Leak Checker

The SP-220 Fumigation Series is a Portable Gas Leak Checker designed to easily check for Fumigation Gas Leaks. With 12 hours operation on 2 AA size Alkaline batteries and weighing in at only 215 grams this instrument is ideal for Fumigation.

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FI-8000 Fumigation / Anaesthetic Gas Monitor

FI-8000 – Fumigation Monitor & Anaesthetic Monitor

The FI‐8000 is a precision gas analyser which is adapted to measure the % volume concentration of any of the commonly used gas in a mixture of air or oxygen for fumigation or anaesthetic gas.

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IECEx Certified Single Toxic Gas Monitor

With its large LCD display the readings on the SC-8000 are visible even if the operator is wearing a Hazmat suit.  For loud environments the unit is equipped with a 95dB alarm together with three bright LED lamps, making alarm conditions both audible and visible in any situation.  The unit is also designed to be waterproof, thus making the SC-8000 extremely rugged in any setting.

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One to Six Gas Personal Monitor

Handheld One to Six Gas Personal Detector with Smart Sensors

The GX-6000 – the long awaited 6 gas personal monitor is finally here. This instrument is the lightest and smallest 6 gas monitor created, weighing in at only 600 grams with the rubber boot and all. Check out the brochure today and give one of our sales technicians a call to find out more!

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