Photoelectron Spectroscopy Instrument

The newly developed AC-3 has been designed by Riken Keiki as a photoelectron spectrophotometer in atmospheric pressure conditions by applying the open counter as an electron detector. The unit has been marketed mainly to the study of organo-electronic materials for organic EL and photocopying.


  • Atmospheric pressure operation (unique in the world)
  • Estimate work function, ionization potential, density of states (DOS)
  • Measure thickness of thin films on the material surface (less than 20 nano-meters)
  • Measure the sample of powder and liquid
  • Low photo – excitation energy (5.0 – 6.20eV)
  • Measurement for just 5 minutes
  • Easy sample introduction and removal
  • Full computer control

Additional Benefits:

  • Easy to measure the Density of States (DOS) around the highest occupied orbital, work function and ionization potential.
  • Information for tiny surface on nanometer order and tiny thin film thickness (0-20nm) can be measured
  • Powder and liquid samples which are unable to bring into the vacuum also can be measured
  • Measurement taken in just 5 minutes (when measured in 5.0 – 7.0eV energy search range with step 0.1eV)


  • Measurement of ionization potential on organic materials used in solar cell, fuel cell organic EL and organic TFT
  • Measurement of ionization potential on photocatalyst
  • Evaluation of MgO film quality on plasma display panel (PDP)
  • Measurement of electronic states for carbon nanotube and fullerene
  • Measurement of electronic states on carbon thin film and diamond thin film
  • Measurement of electronic states for cosmetics, medicine and chemicals
  • Measurement of ionization potential on sensitive materials
  • Measurement of contamination and oxidized film thickness for electrode, lead frame, contacts, steel plate, silicon wafer and compound semiconductor wafer
  • Measurement of work function on metallic materials for various electrodes

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