Airborne Laser Methane Assessment

ALMA G2 (Airborne Laser Methane Assessment Generation 2) is the solution for effective and economic pipeline and storage network monitoring and inspection. The ALMA G2 is a cutting edge laser based natural gas detection system that performs inspections at ground level while airborne.


  • Airborne device normally mounted on a helicopter
  • Highly sensitive
  • Real time measurement + alarm feature
  • Wide measurement range
  • Insensitive to other gases (water vapour, propane)
  • Minimal interference with environment
  • Pilot camera & monitor to aim laser
  • Digital video recording with up to 4 cameras to
  • document laser position and area around pipeline
  • Extensive data storage capacity
  • GPS tracking
  • Laser Range finder
  • Extensive data storage capacity
  • Post processing software
  • Optional IR camera installation
  • Optional moving map system for navigation

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