Testo 300 – Flue Gas Analyser

Flue gas measurement truly smart: that is what the Testo 300 stands for. The compact flue gas analyzer is fully operated via the large touch display. You can see all the measuring values straight away on this without scrolling. The particularly scratch-resistant screen in embedded in a robust plastic housing which remains reliable even in tough day-to-day working conditions.

Menus for the most important measurements are already stored in the Testo 300 and reliably guide you through the relevant application. The flue gas analyzer is not familiar with waiting times or start-up phases, it is immediately ready to go at the touch of a button in standby mode. Documentation is dealt with just as quickly – with the Testo 300, reports can be created and sent directly on site. The Testo 300 is available with a 2-year or 4-year warranty. There is also an optional NOx sensor available.

The O2 sensor, fitted in all Longlife models, is extremely durable and an optional automatic dilution up to a maximum of 30,000 ppm CO protects the CO sensor.