Testo DiSCmini – handheld measuring instrument for nanoparticle counting

Testo DiSCmini is the worldwide smallest nanoparticle counter available on the market. It measures the number and mean diameter of nanoparticles based on the electrical charging of aerosols. Since the operation of the portable Testo DiSCmini is independent of its position, it can be moved and turned without restrictions during the measurement. This insensitivity to vibrations as well as its small dimensions makes the measurement instrument ideal for mobile monitoring and spot measurements in immission-risk workplaces or public areas with high levels of traffic.

The simultaneous recording of particle number concentration and particle size enables you to determine particle surface area (Lung Deposited Surface Area, LDSA) The high measurement frequency of 1Hz for all three measurement parameters enables the detection of rapid changes in the aerosol.

In permanent operation, the battery lasts 8 hours. All data are stored on an internal SD card and can also be transferred to a computer via USB cable.