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Welcome to Control Equipment Pty Ltd. We are Australia’s leading supplier of gas detection solutions. At Control Equipment Pty Ltd we only stock the highest quality gas detection instruments and are the authority when it comes to providing quality products, service and solutions for all your gas detection needs. Although we offer a range of gas detection equipment we specialise in HVAC, petrochemical, confined space and laboratory applications, just to name a few. As well as supplying and servicing a variety of fixed and portable gas detection devices, we also offer an extensive range of specialist solutions for tunnel monitoring, airborne monitoring, as well as wireless solutions. Whether you need a fixed or portable gas detection system for manufacturing, petrochemical, councils, defence, emergency services or aerospace, Control Equipment can provide a solution.

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Accuracy   When it comes to gas monitoring, accuracy is open to each manufacturer’s interpretation. Officially, accuracy is a statement expressed as a percentage of the closeness of the reading on the gas monitor to the actual concentration; many manufacturers use this as an umbrella term representative of much more, including resolution and sensitivity. To…

Diesel Emissions

Diesel Emissions The exposure of mine workers to diesel particulate matter (DPM) and gases is an issue of great concern to the underground mining environment. Diesel engines work by igniting a mixture of fuel (a hydrocarbon) and intake air in the combustion chamber. At high temperatures, fuel may decompose rather than burn, leaving a complex…