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Welcome to Control Equipment Pty Ltd. We are a leading Australian supplier of gas detection and industrial hygiene solutions. At Control Equipment Pty Ltd we only stock the highest quality gas detection instruments and are the authority when it comes to providing quality products, service and solutions for all your gas detection needs. Although we offer a range of gas detection equipment we specialise in HVAC, petrochemical, confined space and laboratory applications, just to name a few. As well as supplying and servicing a variety of fixed and portable gas detection devices, we also offer an extensive range of specialist solutions for tunnel monitoring, airborne monitoring, as well as wireless solutions. Whether you need a fixed or portable gas detection system for manufacturing, petrochemical, councils, defence, emergency services or aerospace, Control Equipment can provide a solution.

Recent News

Carbon Monoxide Detection and what you need to know to stay safe.

A 44 year old man was working in his shop late at night in Toowoomba, he was believed to be using a generator in a confined space while repairing storm-damaged floors. He collapsed and subsequently died after the paramedics tried to resuscitate him.

Oxygen Gas Detectors and Detection and how to stay safe.

Oxygen Gas Detection and Detectors It’s an invisible and sometimes odourless danger that the human eye or nose can’t detect. Preventing a tragedy can be so simple and you wonder why these incidents are still happening.  We just had the tragedy of the Brisbane man falling from a scaffolding due to improper safety regulations.   Installing a fixed…