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The Next Generation of Air Sampling Pumps The Apex2


The Apex 2 is the next generation of Air Sampling Pumps produced by Casella. With its class leading performance the Apex 2 is the perfect addition to any occupational hygienist. A quick summary of the features that the Apex 2 has to offer are:

  • ANZEx certification
  • Bluetooth® and Airwave app
  • Motion Sensing
  • Simple Operation
  • Innovative Features
  • Easy reporting
  • Great Battery Life
  • IP65
  • Flow Range ml/min: 1000-5000
    Low Flow Range ml/min: 5-500
  • Colour OLED display with 4 button control.
  • Intrinsically safe for use in flammable atmospheres

What makes it class leading?

You can be assured that the Apex2 personal sampling pump has the power to handle any personal monitoring regime. The pump is optimized at around 2L/min, the flow at which most measurements are made. The pump has an outstanding back pressure capability and with a pulsation value of ~10% can give you confidence in the integrity of the sample taken.


The Apex2 is class leading in its structural design. With its slim and ergonomic design, the Apex 2 is less obtrusive to the wearer allowing them to carry on with their job whilst being monitored, while the motion sensor allows you to know the pump is being worn so you can be sure that your sample is valid.


The new Bluetooth® app allows the pump to be controlled at a distance while using your phone. Live data of the sample will be transferred to your phone while the pump is active. The Apex2 can store up to 200 separate runs, storing data including start time and date, duration, volume sampled and the motion index meaning that you will have a permanent record of your data collected. It will also record any events such as pauses. Transfer of the data is simple, as it can be transferred via a docking station and a data download utility to your pc. Results will be provided in an excel spread sheet format.


The Apex2 comes in three different models; Apex2, Apex2 Plus and Apex2 Pro. The three models have different functions to meet a varying range of requirements.


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