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Bump testing and servicing your gas detector


Gas detectors can be exposed to harsh environments during their lifetime, which is why it is important that these devices are regularly bump tested and serviced by a trained professional. We cannot stress the importance of bump testing and servicing your gas detector every 6 months or the manufacturers recommendation. Without this regular maintenance the safety of the individual user is at risk of injury or potentially death.

The key to ensuring your gas detector is working efficiency is by regularly bump testing and servicing your gas detector at a professional gas detection servicing facility. Our servicing laboratory at our head office in Brisbane is coordinated by service technicians who have extensive experience in the gas detection field and will confidently confirm whether your gas detector is working as it should be. We are confident in the abilities of our service technicians and guarantee all servicing work is completed to the highest standard.

It is not uncommon for portable gas detectors to be dropped from heights, run over, exposed to unnaturally high temperatures and experience intense humidity, water, mud, dust, chemicals, and toxic gases. For this reason it is vital that you bump test and service your gas detector regularly.

What should a bump test consist of?

► The gas detector should be exposed to a known concentration of gas in order to ensure that the instrument alerts
► When the instrument is exposed to gas it is important that both the audible and visual alarms have activated
► Check the sensor filters are not blocked by dirt, mud, chemicals or any other substance that may impede the gas sensors from detecting toxic gases in the atmosphere
► Ensure the external housing has no missing screws, cracks in housing or any other damage that may interfere with the correct operation of the instrument

Please note that we provide 24/7 onsite and offsite servicing. If you would like to find out more about our servicing capabilities contact us

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