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Methane Gas Leak Detection by Laser Beam


Identifying Leak from Natural Gas from a Safe Distance

Control Equipment now offers gas detection instrumentation which uses cutting edge technologies to enable detection and identification of leaks from a distance with high degrees of accuracy.  The latest hand-held infrared laser based instruments can now detect methane at a distance of up to 100 metres, vehicle mounted instruments up to 30 metres and aircraft-mounted systems can identify gas leaks from a distance of 500 metres or more. 

The new technology utilises the latest infrared laser absorption spectroscopy.  This allows a methane leak to be detected by pointing the laser beam towards a suspected leak or along a survey line.  As methane absorbs a specific wavelength of infrared light, instruments are able to measure the amount of absorbed light from the emitted infrared laser beam and determine the presence and size of the leak.  Readings on the instruments are provided in ppm-m (the concentration of a methane cloud [ppm] and the length of the laser [m]). 

Leak Detection in Hazardous Areas

Our hand-held portable instruments are ideal for use in many applications including petrochemical plants, refineries and LNG terminals as well as landfill and mine-site surveying.

Leak Detection in Reticulation Networks

Vehicle Mounted Systems can detect leaks in a reticulation system eg. in city streets etc.  The instrument will scan along underground pipe routes and as the vehicle approaches a leak the instrument will detect it and report on the location and size of the leak.

Leak Detection utilising Aerial Platform Monitoring

Instrument systems can be mounted on drones or full sized helicopters.  Drone mounted instruments enable difficult places to be examined for leaks whilst helicopter mounted systems can detect leaks along any of the 15,000 kms of pipeline network that span mainland Australia.


Our range of laser-based instruments ensure fast, safe and highly accurate targeting of leaks.  They are invaluable for detecting gas leaks whether beneath the pavement in a city, in a hazardous industrial environment or along hundreds of kilometres of pipeline without engaging a large workforce to carry out multiple spot checks for leaks.   Contact us for further information.

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