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Recycling Gas Detection Equipment


Disposal of hazardous goods can be both dangerous and expensive. Control Equipment offer a recycling service that provides a safe and cost-effective way to recycle and dispose of any gas cylinders and gas detection instruments.


While sending empty cylinders to a metal recycler is common practice these days, the actual transit of the gas cylinder is a major safety concern. In order to be able to safely transport the cylinder (without having to pay fees for transport of hazardous goods), you must completely empty all the gas from the cylinder. To do this, it is required to safely remove the valves with a valve remover tool. These tools are available from Control Equipment, simply contact our Sales team for price and availability on 07 3481 9000.

Calibration gas cylinders are made from either aluminum or steel but once gas has been added to the cylinder they are considered a hazardous waste. This is due to the possibility of some gas still being contained in the cylinder. At Control Equipment, we are able to recycle any gas cylinder for you, as we will undertake all the steps to make the cylinder safe for recycling. Simply arrange safe delivery of your cylinder to our facility and we will safely dispose of the cylinder on your behalf.


Trade in & Hire

As part of our focus on reduction of waste, we offer a trade in system on any new purchase with a reasonable rebate for your returned instrument. Also, if it is not economical to purchase a new unit, we have a fleet of units available for hire. Hiring is also a suitable method to help you to effectively obtain the most suitable unit to meet your gas detection requirement.

Instrument Components

Control Equipment will recycle any returned gas detectors on your behalf, as most of the components of the gas detector are relatively safe. The common components found in our gas detection instruments are a: plastic case, battery (rechargeable or alkaline), sensor, electrical componentry and a visual screen (typically LCD).

Of all the internal parts, the only parts that are classed as hazardous materials are the batteries, the sensors and computer components. Batteries and the electrochemical sensors can be recycled through a local battery recycler, such as your local Battery World store. We also provide this service as a part of our recycling capability for you.

The computer componentry will have small amounts of recyclable parts that we send to specialised recycling companies for recycling, as it is highly recommended to avoid sending these items to landfill.

For more information about our recycling capabilities please contact us.

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