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In the past, calibration of your gas monitors was carried out by the local agent or a qualified service provider.  In recent times, Manufacturers have developed Calibration / Bump test stations which allow the end user to perform these tasks on site.  Whilst many Companies still prefer to send their instruments into a Authorised service provider for compliance concerns, others are taking advantage of the docking station technology.    


A question we often get asked is – Does the Docking Station need to be Serviced?

The simple answer is yes.  Whilst docking stations don’t have as many consumable parts as your gas detector it is still an instrument that should be checked every 12 months.  If the docking station is being used in a dusty or dirty environment you may consider a service every 6 months.  The docking station performs checks and balances of your gas monitors on a regular basis (in some cases, daily).  To ensure the docking station is operating to manufacturers specifications we recommend it be verified every year.


What does a Service consist of? 

Our technicians do a thorough overhaul of the docking station and ensure the components are all working as they should be. The following are completed in the yearly service:

  • Change air inlet filter.
  • Change rubber gasket (packing for sensor cap).
  • Check pump flow rate and clean/replace pump assembly if required. (typical pump life of a Riken Keiki docking station is 5+ Years).
  • Perform a bump test with the dock against a manually calibrated unit with the same gas bottle to verify accuracy of the gas delivery.
  • General wipe down and clean of the station.


How long would we be without our docking station?

We pride ourselves on our fast turn around time of 24-36 hours.

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