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We Supply & Service Gas Detection for the Shipping & Marine Industry


The name Riken Keiki has long been associated with the marine industry. As the Australasian agent for Riken Keiki we are able to provide calibration services for all shipping clients, as well as keeping many of the marine instruments on the shelf for quick supply. We also specialise in ensuring we have marine calibration gas in stock at all times.

Our portable range of equipment detect for VOC’s, propane, methane and more. Most of these instruments, designed for use in Shipping & Marine applications, also come with data logging capabilities and the necessary ATEX / IECEx / MED approvals. Designed with the shipping and marine industry in mind, these instruments are lightweight, handheld and robust, with high water and dust proof levels.


Our range of Portable Gas Detection for Shipping and Marine Applications include the following instruments….

GX-2009 Four Gas Monitor

The GX-2009 gas detector model is the smallest and lightest 4-gas monitor in the world. Weighing only 130g, it fits in the palm of your hand (70 H x 70 W x 25 D mm). The GX-2009 simultaneously monitors and displays combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide. The GX-2009 represents the latest evolution of gas detection technology. Advancements include dual audible alarm ports and alarm LED’s on 3 sides of the instrument, so that alarm conditions are obvious from multiple perspectives especially in high noise environments. Other features include a waterproof and dustproof design with IP 67 rating, an impact resistant rubber over- mold body that is RFI resistant, and a large capacity data logging system included as a standard feature.

Other standard features are vibration alarm, autocalibration, calibration lock out or reminder control, STEL / TWA readings, peak hold, auto backlighting at alarm on a large LCD display, and it even tells the time! All of these controls and features are operated through 2 simple glow-in-the dark, glove friendly buttons. The NiMH battery set will operate for 20 hours and will fully charge in 3 hours.

A huge capacity data logging function is a standard feature on all GX-2009 instruments, and will store up to 8 alarm trend sessions where readings are recorded 30 minutes before and after an alarm event. The data logging has a 3,600 data point capacity with a log time range of 10 to 300 hours based on programmable interval times. The data logging software will also store up to 100 calibration records and is Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible. The GX-2009 is also functional with the SDM-2009 docking and calibration station.


GX-6000 Six Gas Monitor

The GX-6000 handheld one to six gas personal detector with smart sensors – the long awaited 6 gas personal monitor is finally here. This instrument is the lightest and smallest 6 gas monitor created, weighing in at only 600 grams with the rubber boot and all. Check out the brochure today and give one of our sales technicians a call to find out more!

Simply put, the GX-6000 is a game changer. This powerful hand-held instrument is capable of simultaneously monitoring up to 6 gases. In addition to the standard 4 confined space gases which include combustibles, O2, CO, & H2S, the GX-6000 has 2 additional smart channels that accept PID, IR or super toxic sensors.

Equipped with a strong internal sample pump, a man-down alarm, a panic alarm, an LED flashlight, and large auto rotating LCD display, the GX-6000 can operate as a single gas PID unit or a multifunctional tool utilising all 6 channels. The GX-6000 with a PID sensor will come equipped with a library of over 600 VOC gases to choose from as standard. Choosing from the library is easy with a personalised favourites list of 30 commonly used VOC’s as well as a list of 8 of the most recently used VOC’s.

The GX-6000 has a rugged design built for the nastiest environments. It is equipped with a removable impact-resistant rubber boot and a dust and water resistant enclosure with an IP-67 rating. With 5 bright LED lights on 3 sides of the instrument, alarms are easily seen from a variety of perspectives. With vibration and loud audible alarm, GX-6000 will easily alert users when needed.


GX-8000 Four Gas Monitor for Shipping

The GX-8000 sets the new industry standard for rugged, reliable portable gas detection. Its tough, water proof design utilises features based on years of gas detection design experience, to assure that the instrument will operate properly to protect workers and property in all kinds of harsh gas detection applications. The model GX-8000 is tough, waterproof design utilises features based on over 72 years of gas detection design experience, to assure reliability when protecting people and property from all kinds of harsh gas detection applications.

The GX-8000 is the latest sample drawing gas detector  and consolidates several of the older classic models, such as the GX-111NP-237HGX-7GX-85NOX-62BOX-1OX-415OX-226GP-226, etc… into one unified and improved specification. It’s versatile design makes it simple to configure for 1-5 gases and the sensor compartment makes servicing sensors and filters quick and simple. Designed to international standards, CE marked and certified to ATEX / IECEx / MED (Wheelmark) approval, means it is perfectly suited to challenging industrial and marine applications.

The compact, light weight design makes it comfortable to carry using the neck / shoulder strap, and the optional waist strap allows for hands free use. The unit is easy to operate single-handedly and the powerful built-in pump has a fast 750ml / minute suction rate. A 30m length hose takes only (approx.) 30 seconds to sample a potentially hazardous or toxic gas.


Eagle 2 One to Six Portable Detector

The Eagle 2 one to six gas portable monitor with PID is the newest member of the Control Equipment family.  Equipped with features that are not available on competitive units, the Eagle 2 one to six gas portable monitor with PID is a powerful instrument that does more than just offer the standard confined space protection.  One of the new features of the Eagle 2 is a PID sensor for detecting high or low ppm levels (0-50 & 0-2,000) of VOC gases.

The Eagle 2 includes a PID sensor for detecting high and low ppm levels (0-50 & 0-4,000) of VOC gases; % volume capability for CH4 and H2 using a TC (thermal conductivity) sensor; PPM or LEL hydrocarbon detection at the push of a button; infrared sensors for CO2, methane or hydrocarbons in LEL and % volume ranges; methane elimination feature for environmental applications; and a variety of super toxic gases and measurable ranges.

The Eagle 2 has a strong internal pump with a low flow auto pump shut off and alarm, which can draw samples from up to 38 meters. This allows for quick response and recovery from distant sampling locations. The Eagle 2 will continuously operate for over 16 hours on alkaline batteries or 20 hours on Ni-MH. A variety of accessories are also available to help satisfy almost any application such as long sample hoses, special float probes for tank testing, and dilution fittings, to name a few. Data logging is a standard feature for all sensors on all versions. With its ergonomic design and large glove friendly buttons, the Eagle 2 offers easy access to controls such as auto calibration, alarm silence, demand zero, peak hold, methane elimination, and a wide variety of other features.

Each channel has two alarm levels plus TWA and STEL alarms for toxic channels. The two alarm levels are adjustable and can be latching or self resetting. Rugged, reliable, easy to operate and maintain, the Eagle 2 is the solution for just about any portable gas monitoring situation.


For all enquiries please contact sales@controlequipment.com.au 

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