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NC-1000 Portable Combustible Gas Detector (0-10,000 ppm)

The NC-1000 portable combustible gas detector has attractive features, including: direct reading of 25 target gases, data logging, pump boost, ingress proof rating IP67, Intrinsically safe with ATEX approval for hazardous areas. Ideal for checking gas leaks or monitoring the presence of gas in hazardous areas typically found in oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

The Riken Keiki NC-1000 portable combustible gas detector supersedes and builds on the previous model GP-88A, using latest technology and advanced features. A safety rating of ExiaⅡCT4 allows users to detect a gas at  hazardous area Zone 0 where an explosion hazard always exists. Calibration is to one gas only ( methane or ISO-butane ), then any one of 25 target gases can be selected by a simple button operation. Optional filters can be used with the standard gas sampling probe to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S), or silicone that would normally damage this type of catalytic sensor.


  • Target Gas can be selected from a list of 25 gases
  • Pump Boost ( Normal 300ml/min Boost 600ml/min ) [for use with long sample lines.]
  • New probe / Tefron tube are applied as standard
  • Continuous operation for 20 hours
  • 2 way gas concentration display (Value & level indication)
  • Intrinsic safety ex-proof
  • IP 67 rating
  • Data logger available
  • 1st & 2nd gas alarm points

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