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ALMA G2 Airborne Laser Methane Assessment

ALMA G2 (Airborne Laser Methane Assessment Generation 2) is the solution for effective and economic pipeline and storage network monitoring and inspection. The ALMA G2 is a cutting edge laser based natural gas detection system that performs inspections at ground level while airborne.


  • Airborne device normally mounted on a helicopter
  • Highly sensitive
  • Real time measurement + alarm feature
  • Wide measurement range
  • Insensitive to other gases (water vapour, propane)
  • Minimal interference with environment
  • Pilot camera & monitor to aim laser
  • Digital video recording with up to 4 cameras to
  • document laser position and area around pipeline
  • Extensive data storage capacity
  • GPS tracking
  • Laser Range finder
  • Extensive data storage capacity
  • Post processing software
  • Optional IR camera installation
  • Optional moving map system for navigation

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