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RX-8000 Portable Combustible Gas Detector

The RX-8000 portable combustible gas detector offers four different instrument gas options (iC4H10 and O2, CH4 and O2, iC4H10 single gas, CH4 single gas). There are many benefits that come with the different single gas and multi gas instrument options, one being price. The design of the instrument which includes a large digital display with automatic backlighting, cased in a compact and lightweight, water and dust resistant IP-67 instrument body creates the concept of the ideal portable gas detector for combustible applications. The various gas options for this device means that it is suitable for a range of different applications, including refineries/petrochemical, oil tankers, gas carriers, confined space, power plant, water / wastewater treatment plants and utilities, just to name a few. A significant feature of this robust instrument is that it is IECEx, ATEX and MED approved and also offers data logging as standard.

Combustible Gas Monitor


  • Real-time detection of Combustibles 100% LEL / 100Vol%, and O2
  • Large simultaneous display with auto backlighting
  • Strong sample drawing capacity
  • Loud alarm buzzer with 95dB
  • 3 bright LED alarm windows
  • IECEx, ATEX & MED Approved
  • Water and dust resistant IP-67
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Data logging standard


  • Refineries / petrochemical
  • Oil tankers
  • Gas carriers
  • Confined space
  • Power plant
  • Water / Wastewater treatment plants
  • Utilities

Four instrument options available

  • iC4H10 and O2
  • CH4 and O2
  • iC4H10 Single Gas
  • CH4 Single Gas

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