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Operation of heavy machinery like diesel engines and demolition machinery is a high source of air pollution on work sites. Diesel engines and the burning of toxic materials is one of the main sources of overall air pollution. Construction sites create extreme levels of dust from use of concrete, stone, cement, and silica. Air pollution from dust can stay in the air and carry over large spans of land.


Dust from construction sites has been deemed extremely dangerous. The dangers of dust and particles that are invisible to the naked eye are especially harmful to the health of human beings.


Construction site dust can deeply penetrate the lungs and cause respiratory diseases, and common illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, and cancer. If you live or work near a construction site, it is a good idea to use air conditioning to filter out the nasty airborne contaminants you cannot see. This does mean cleaning your air con filters and completing other air conditioning maintenance tasks is of greater importance to ensure the air your breathing is clean and free of toxins.


Carbon monoxide contamination from sites can cause high levels of air pollution. Pollution from diesel, carbon dioxide, and chemicals on site also highly contribute to air pollution during construction.

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